Why You Need to Nurture Your Brain

Most of us know the benefits of exercise and eating properly. A sedentary lifestyle combined with eating fast and fried foods inevitably causes huge health issues. But, did you know that looking after your brain is equally important?

Most of us don’t consider the possibility of dementia in our later years. Yet, dementia is on the rise worldwide. Heidi Godman, Executive Editor of the Harvard Health Letter writes that “one new case of dementia is detected every four seconds globally and researchers estimate that by the year 2050, more than 115 million people will have dementia worldwide.”

Your brain is not only a muscle, it is the most important muscle in your body and as such should be looked after with the attention you give the rest of your body.

Keep Active

Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy and strong and could combat dementia in women. A study from the University of British Columbia found that regular aerobic exercise proved to be a promising strategy for combating cognitive decline by improving brain structure and function. Any kind of aerobic exercise done at least 120 minutes a week helps to get that much needed oxygen to the brain.

Eat Brain Food

A healthy diet that gives you your daily essential vitamins and minerals is important for all parts of your body and certain vitamins and minerals are shown to be excellent boosters for memory and brain health.


Considered to be a key vitamin in the aid of mental clarity, B12 is essential to good brain health. As many as 40% of adults suffer from B12 deficiency. The good news is that B12 is easily absorbed through fortified foods and supplements. If you are not getting your daily dose of B12 through your regular diet, consider supplements to boost your daily needs.

Vitamin C

Long been hailed as the anti-cold remedy and immunity booster, Vitamin C is also being heavily studied for its benefits on the health of your brain. A vital antioxidant, Vitamin C is showing some promising effects on the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. A study published in nature.com studied the intake of vitamin C and found that it can play a crucial role in helping with the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Although, there are many fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C, it is often difficult to get the recommended dose. A Vitamin C supplement will ensure you are getting your recommended daily dose.


Zinc is another powerful antioxidant that is being studied at great lengths for its beneficial effects on brain health. Known to aid in the treatment of depression, researchers are now finding direct links to Alzheimer’s and lower zinc levels.

Foods high in zinc include Meat, shellfish, seeds including pumpkin and flax, and fortified cereals. A supplement that includes zinc will ensure you get your recommended daily dose.

The health benefits of nurturing your brain are as long lasting and as important as every other part of your body. Keeping your brain active through proper diet and exercise not only helps to keep you alert and on your toes today, it can help in the prevention of long term memory loss and dementia.





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