Traveling with Pink Ice Energy

As a flight attendant, my job keeps me on my feet a strenuous amount of hours per day. I’m continuously traveling from California to Denver and, you never know, maybe even China the next day. Being a flight attendant is a big responsibility. It’s not all smiles and catering to the passengers, it’s much more. My job requires that I stay awake and vigilant all times. When I got hired for this job I knew I’d need something to keep me focused and thoroughly energized every day. I didn’t want to settle for that old cup of Starbucks coffee. In fact, the side effects of coffee were beginning to interfere with my job. Seriously, the frequent bathroom visits were both embarrassing and inconvenient. I wanted something more unique, something that would not only taste good but would truly be good for me. I knew with a career like mine I’d need an energy supplement that would be easy to use and not require water preparation.

In my pursuit to find an alternative I came across Pink Ice Energy. Pink Ice Energy crystals are packed into small convenient pouches that and are easy to transport, as they fit right in my pocket. I no longer have to wait for water to boil or search for a cup to carry around my coffee. I simply pour the sweet little crystals in my mouth for fast acting energy, mental clarity, and vitamins & minerals. When you put good things into your body you reap the benefits. Not only is Pink Ice Energy a healthier alternative, it gives my breath a raspberry, minty cool freshness that’s perfect for my profession. I’m no longer embarrassed to approach people or give the best customer service I can due to the worry that my breath has that lingering after coffee smell.

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