Swim into Spring – Benefits of Swimming

It’s finally here….or well almost.  One never knows if we are safe or if we’ll get one last gush from Mother Nature until say mid April.  In this muddy, mucky, rainy time of year why not consider getting totally wet and jumping into it all?  Swimming is awesome exercise for so many reasons and a great compliment for runners, weightlifters, cyclists, etc.

No Stress on your Body

Our bodies become 90% buoyant in water…..the water supports you and is an incredible way for people with injuries to workout with less risk of over doing it and harming themselves more.  There is not stress to the skeletal system, no high impact pounding and almost no contact with hard surfaces.  If you are swimming in a heated pool the warmth is great for your muscles and can prevent injuries.

Muscle Toning

Swimming is on of the most  effectives way to tone your muscles.  The water provides resistance that is relative to how rigorously you push through the water.  You can control how hard you work out.

Breath Work and Meditation

The moisture in a pool area makes it easier to breathe for us (this is especially helpful for people who suffer from asthma or have lungs issues) and great for runners and weight lifters. Swimming also can increase your lung capacity.  Swimming also somehow produces the same  sense of relaxation as yoga.  It stimulates relaxation and is very helpful for meditating.

Increases Flexibility

At the gym we tend to use machines that isolate certain muscles or muscle group.  Swimming is different in that you use multiple and varied body muscles at the same time. The body stretching out as it strokes through the water keeps us reaching and extending our muscles and flexibility.

Best Way to Get Fit

Low impact, conducive to meditation and reducing stress, sweat free, no skeletal damaging…..what more can we say?  Ready to dive in?



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