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Pink Ice Energy talks to amazing young women with some really great energy.


We caught up with Amanda at her local gym. She was just getting ready to do a grueling, one hour, metabolic workout but was happy to give us a few minutes to talk about her energy and her passions.

Amanda is a recent graduate of university and is just embarking on her career in mental health. Fitness has always been an important part of her life.  “I used to work out a lot last summer but then when school started I didn’t workout as often, maybe once a week sometimes more, often less.” She explains, “I just started back up going 3-4 times a week a month ago. It is 100% what gives me my energy every day.  I have so much more now that I am back into it. “

Brain_tattooAsked what her passion is, Amanda doesn’t hesitate. “I am extremely passionate about mental health awareness and psychology in general. I want to help people who struggle while bringing awareness to everyone.”  And passionate she is. Amanda sports an amazing tattoo of the human brain on her ankle and the mental health awareness ribbon on her wrist.

“Getting back in the gym has helped with every aspect of life. It makes me feel more motivated which helps me in pursuing my goals and the things I am passionate about! If I can get back into the gym, I can reach my goals in the gym so what’s stopping me from reaching my other goals?”

How does she keep such positive energy?

“I’d say that if people can find a way to feel happy and motivated and have a lot of energy and positivity in their life than do everything you can to keep it up. Whether it be the gym or just doing what they love every day, then make it happen. Because being happy with your life and yourself is so important and you will accomplish so much more!”

Amanda definitely exudes an energy and spark that brings a positive influence to those around her. We know she will have a great influence in the world of psychology and mental health.

Where do you get your energy? Let us know. We just may feature you in our next Energy Byte.


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