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Here at Pink Ice Energy, our whole world is about women and, although you may find that your husband, brother, boyfriend or boy bff loves your Pink Ice Energy packets and tends to steal them on you, we are pretty much focused on women. With that being said, we feel it is so important to discuss our breasts and the importance of breast cancer awareness.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Some Breast Cancer Stats

According to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, 1 in 9 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime and based on 2015 statistics, it is estimated that 25,000 women and 220 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer in one year.

Some Breast Cancer Myths

Breast cancer is a women’s disease.

Although the majority of people diagnosed with breast cancer are women, men can also get this disease.

Nobody in my family has ever had it so I wont get it.

For some women, there may be a genetic predisposition to getting breast cancer. The two types of genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the genes that help protect the breasts and ovaries. If these genes mutate, there is a higher risk of breast cancer. This mutated gene can also be passed on.

However, only 5 – 10% of diagnosed breast cancers are inherited or from genetics. The other 90-95% are from what is called modifiable risk factors. These are factors that can be changed. Modifiable risk factors can include your lifestyle, alcohol consumption, where you live and exposure to chemicals that are known to change DNA structure.

I am too young to get breast cancer.

Although the risk of developing breast cancer increases as women age, women of all ages can develop breast cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society last report from 2015 estimated that:

1,175 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women under the age of 40, representing about 5% of all new breast cancers.

3,300 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women 40-49, representing about 13% of all new breast cancers.

Be Breast Aware

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation encourages everyone to be breast aware and to know how your breasts normally feel and look and by knowing what changes to check for and discuss with your doctor any concerns you may have.

MACMA – Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama released the following video  to show women how to do  breast self examination. Breasts can be a big no-no in social media so they found a way to bypass censorship. Share this with your friends and help spread breast awareness.


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Be Breast Healthy. http://www.cbcf.org/central/AboutBreastHealth/Pages/default.aspx

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