Great Fall Fitness Tips to Keep You On Track

These Fall Fitness Tips Will Keep You On Track.

The arrival of the fall solstice this week has reminded all of us that, indeed, the summer season is waving goodbye. For many of us, this is a time of mixed emotions. The turning leaves and fall harvest are really wonderful but the regular and expected routine of school and work and the shorter days and cooler weather can be a real downer.  Rather than slowing down, now is time to ramp up your fitness goals, keeping you in great mental and physical form as the winter and holiday season arrives.

Make a Schedule

The casualness of summer generally allows for less routine and much more time for fun activities so we generally get much more exercise during this time. With the start of fall, routine becomes the norm and our calendar fills up quickly. Often, we have forgotten to build our workouts back in to our routine of life and, often, we feel we have no time. The workout goes by the wayside and before we know it, we are out of shape. Make sure you have put your workouts in your fall planner.

Keep Going Outdoors

Embrace the fall colours and plan to do outdoor activities. Whether you are a casual walker, a couch to 5k runner, or a full marathon runner, make sure you keep going outside to get your exercise. There will come a time when the treadmill may be a better option, but, until that time, enjoy the cool crisp days.

Try Doing Something New

Fall is the perfect time to try a new outdoor routine. If you have wanted to do some jogging and find summer too hot, now is the time. Grab an app for jogging for beginners and get out there. Many parks offer great exercise equipment to use. This is a perfect time to try them out and get some strength training in. Get out in the country and do some apple picking or really embrace the fall colours and plan some weekend hikes. If you have always wanted to do a new activity that will take you through winter, now is the time. Maybe you have always wanted to try hot yoga or cross fit.

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Get to the Gym

If working out in the gym is part of your winter routine, then don’t wait to get your gym routine back on track. Hitting the gym now, while it isn’t crazy cold, will make you much more inclined to keep going during those colder days of winter.

Plan for the Dark

As the days get shorter, our opportunity to be outdoors is less. For those of us in colder climates, this can make it very difficult to get our needed sunshine. If you can, change your schedule to give you the most outdoor time you can. Early morning outside workouts can be invigorating or a walk during your lunch break can do wonders.

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