Get Ready To Rock Your World

Are you getting a little bored with that same old monotonous workout?

You need to try indoor Rock Climbing. This just might be that fun full-body workout alternative that rocks your world!

Rock climbing incorporates the entire body. This strengthening activity also increases endurance and flexibility while, at the same time, mentally challenges the climber.

The major muscle groups involved in rock climbing include; the back, bicep, and shoulder groups, the muscles of the gluts, legs and calves, and most superlatively, the forearm flexors. Additionally, as you scale from each finger-hand-hold to the next, rock climbing seriously engages the muscles of the core making it an ideal activity for those of us trying to get those ‘six pack’ abs.

There are a number of different routes you can take up the wall. Each route has varying degrees of difficulty designated by a plastic card which indicates its name and grade; the higher the number is on the card, the more challenging the route is. Typically, the hand-holds are color coded making your wall scaling adventure a little bit easier to figure out.

The beauty of this sport is that you’re only competing against yourself and the wall. As you progress and your agility improves, you can time yourself against the clock. Another great benefit of climbing indoors is that you never need to worry about current weather conditions. You can climb indoors when there’s a snow storm or during the heat of the summer; you’re in a controlled climate inside which keeps the muscles warm and the perspiration at bay.

Here are a few tips and guidelines to keep this fun activity safe

  • Take a few lessons
  • Wear the right non-restrictive clothing that allows for full range of motion
  • Climb in shoes that fit snug with a stiff rubber non-slip sole (for best results, the sole should extend over the toe)
  • Start out slowly with a beginner route
  • Always have a spotter and a matt down below
  • Make sure the figure 8 knot is tied correctly
  • Use a proper fitting harness that’s bucked & double-backed
  • Always use a locking carabiner
  • Keep fingers and palms dry by using chalk

And most importantly, have a blast!





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