5 Wrong Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

The holiday season is so exciting. Parties, presents, great food and great fun await us as we celebrate this time of the year. Here are 5 wrong ways to celebrate the holidays.

Drink Too Much

The cocktails are beautiful with all those wonderful colours and names. The champagne is flowing and the wine, oh all those wonderful bottles of wine. How can you not have just one more glass of that beautiful vintage Burgundy that was just uncorked? Well, you can. Just remember to pace yourself and drink lots of water throughout the evening. Keeping hydrated will not only keep you from feeling the effects of the alcohol, it will help you the next morning. Don’t mix your alcohol too much, slow down and of course DON’T drink and drive.

Eat Too Much

It’s hard to not eat too much and who’s kidding who? Telling someone to not indulge in the wonderful food of the holidays is just wrong. Go ahead and indulge. You know your own limits on food. If you have a hard time eating enormous amounts of dairy for example, then don’t expect that the holidays will take that away. Indulge less on the foods that make you uncomfortable and enjoy the ones that don’t. Of course, a few trips to the crudité platter really helps with the guilt.

Sleep Too Little

The holidays are hectic. Social obligations fill your calendar, while getting your shopping and cooking done can really do a number on your waking hours. Don’t scrimp on your sleep. Try to get close to those hours that you need and plan a few early nights. Your body will appreciate it. You need to maintain your energy levels and the best way is sleep.

Feel Guilty About Not Working Out

Ok, this is a hard one. Keeping your workout routine on track is virtually impossible. With gym hours on holiday schedule and social obligations pulling you in many directions, the workouts get pushed aside. That is just fine. You can’t expect to keep your regular schedule during this time. Don’t become a total slacker of course. Try to get some fitness in during this time, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t work out as much as usual.

Spend Too Much Money

Don’t get caught up in the gift giving experience. Make a budget and stick to it. You will appreciate not having the credit card hangover in January. You don’t need to buy grandpa that designer tie. He will be just as grateful for the cheaper one.

Take your Vitamins

We thought we’d add one right way:

Don’t forget to take your vitamins. All that food may not be so healthy so make certain you are supplementing with vitamins. Vitamin C helps keep those nasty viruses away and the B vitamins help with stress. Zinc will help with your mental energy and Vitamin D helps with your physical and mental energy.

Enjoy those parties, presents and great food and have a great time and tell us, what do you do right during the holidays?







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