8 Ways to Help With End Of Semester Stress

End of semester stress can be so overwhelming. For some, it is the most stressful time they have ever had, and for first year students especially, the demands of that last weeks of the semester can come as quite a shock . Luckily, with the help of a little self-care, you can keep yourself together [...]

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5 Reasons To Go To University

For many young people, the prospect of going to university seems improbable, if not impossible. Many people feel that they do not have the marks, while others feel that they don’t have the academic abilities and others feel that it is not economically feasible. Yet, in Canada, a university degree is a very attainable option [...]

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10 Great Songs Of The 70’s To Make Your Parents Party

Add These 70's Songs To Your Playlist. Summer is all about hanging at the cottage or at the backyard pool, listening to tunes with friends and family and just enjoying life. The playlist on your phone or Mp3 player will, of course, be loaded with your favourite music and, for the most part, will probably [...]

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5 Top Tips to Get You Through Finals

The Dreaded Exam Week is Here. Make the Most of it With These Great Tips. Finals are finally here and although it is super exciting to think you have made it through another year of school or maybe just that you made it this far, you still have the dreaded exam week to prepare for. [...]

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10 Kick Ass Tips to Help You Rock Spring Break

Spring Break is here. Well in Canada it is called Reading Week. We guess there is a hope that if it is called reading week students will go home to family, regroup, and catch up on all the work they need to do to get through the rest of the semester. But, for many lucky [...]

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