Plongez dans le printemps – Les bienfaits de la natation

Il est finalement là … ou presque. Personne ne sait jamais si nous nous en sommes sauvés ou si Dame nature aura un dernier soubresaut jusqu’à la mi-mai. À cette époque de l’année particulièrement boueuse et pluvieuse, pourquoi ne pas penser à faire le grand plongeon ? En effet, la natation est un formidable exercice pour [...]

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Swim into Spring – Benefits of Swimming

It's finally here....or well almost.  One never knows if we are safe or if we'll get one last gush from Mother Nature until say mid April.  In this muddy, mucky, rainy time of year why not consider getting totally wet and jumping into it all?  Swimming is awesome exercise for so many reasons and a [...]

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Boost Your Metabolism With These Great Healthy Snacks

Did you know that replenishing your body after a good workout not only helps to repair muscle tissue and hydrate your system, it also helps to speed up your metabolism? Snack with Protein The recommended daily intake of protein for most men is approximately 56 grams and for women, approximately 46 grams, whereas for athletes [...]

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The Beginners Guide to Home Juicing for Better Health

Juicing is all the rage and it seems there are new, ready-made juice products popping up on the market every day. Although a healthy alternative to your regular, run of the mill fruit juices, these products tend to be very expensive.  Many people would like to make juice from home but the number and types [...]

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The Skinny On Good Dietary Fat and Bad Dietary Fat

Not all dietary fat is bad for you. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of fats that you should be eating. There are several different types of fat in food. Some fats are not ideal and some are essential to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, dietary fat is often lumped together as unhealthy giving [...]

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Shop Local – A Guide to Canadian Summer Fruits and Vegetables

It was only a generation ago that going to the grocery store in summer guaranteed you would be buying locally grown fruits and vegetables. This isn’t always the case anymore. Large chain grocery and big box stores do not consider locally grown produce as a priority. Unless they can get it for the best price, [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Although there always seems to be a few false starts to the beginning of nice weather, those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer are finally within sight.  We will soon be enjoying great sunny weekends and planning family vacations. We all know that with summer comes the sun and with the sun comes the need [...]

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Do You Know About Probiotics?

Did you know that humans are the host of approximately 100 trillion microorganisms living inside of each of us?  It’s true!   In fact, a high percentage of these microorganisms reside in what’s called our gut microbiota, also known as our gut flora. What comprises this magnificent intestinal flora is the beneficial bacteria we call, probiotics. [...]

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Are You Stressed Out?

Did you know that long-term stress can make us physically and emotionally ill? When we get stressed-out our nervous system gets triggered, which in turn signals our breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure to speed up. As blood rushes to our muscles, we enter a “fight-or-flight response.” This response is useful as a survival instinct; [...]

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