Plongez dans le printemps – Les bienfaits de la natation

Il est finalement là … ou presque. Personne ne sait jamais si nous nous en sommes sauvés ou si Dame nature aura un dernier soubresaut jusqu’à la mi-mai. À cette époque de l’année particulièrement boueuse et pluvieuse, pourquoi ne pas penser à faire le grand plongeon ? En effet, la natation est un formidable exercice pour [...]

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Swim into Spring – Benefits of Swimming

It's finally here....or well almost.  One never knows if we are safe or if we'll get one last gush from Mother Nature until say mid April.  In this muddy, mucky, rainy time of year why not consider getting totally wet and jumping into it all?  Swimming is awesome exercise for so many reasons and a [...]

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Boost Your Metabolism With These Great Healthy Snacks

Did you know that replenishing your body after a good workout not only helps to repair muscle tissue and hydrate your system, it also helps to speed up your metabolism? Snack with Protein The recommended daily intake of protein for most men is approximately 56 grams and for women, approximately 46 grams, whereas for athletes [...]

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Rock Your Winter Run with These Easy Tips

Winter can be a cruel time for those of us who love to run. The idea of bundling up and running in the snow and cold often leaves us longing for spring when we can don our favourite running gear and hit those streets or trails once again. But, you don’t necessarily have to trade [...]

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Great Fall Fitness Tips to Keep You On Track

These Fall Fitness Tips Will Keep You On Track. The arrival of the fall solstice this week has reminded all of us that, indeed, the summer season is waving goodbye. For many of us, this is a time of mixed emotions. The turning leaves and fall harvest are really wonderful but the regular and expected [...]

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Are You Sabotaging your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals?

If you are like most of us, your fitness routine is less a routine and more of a roller coaster. You set your goals and promise yourself that you will stick to your regime with the goal of getting in shape and staying in shape. Perhaps you have weight loss goals or perhaps you are [...]

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5 Post Workout Mistakes You May Be Making

Most of the benefits of a great workout happen after you have hit the gym. Not paying attention to your post workout routine can sabotage all your hard work. Pay as much attention to your post workout regime as to your workout itself. 5 Things Not to Do After a workout Not Drinking Enough Water [...]

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Get Ready To Rock Your World

Are you getting a little bored with that same old monotonous workout? You need to try indoor Rock Climbing. This just might be that fun full-body workout alternative that rocks your world! Rock climbing incorporates the entire body. This strengthening activity also increases endurance and flexibility while, at the same time, mentally challenges the climber. [...]

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