Keep Your Kids Safe by The Water This Summer

Don’t let the hazy days of summer deter you from being vigilant with your kids when having fun in the water. The hottest and best days of summer are here. The kids have been out of school for at least a month and we still have a month ahead of great weather. Unfortunately, with the [...]

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Amazing Tips to Stop Food Price Sticker Shock

During winter we Canadians are a hearty bunch. We make our way through, year in and year out with nary a grumble as we trudge through slush and snow. This year, thanks to El Nino, we were spared the brutal polar vortexes of years past and had a relatively pleasant season. We did suffer in [...]

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Help Yourself Beat the Sandwich Generation Burn Out

Managing a household and looking after children is a difficult job and adding an aging parent or parents can be overwhelming. Whether your parents are in their own home, in an assisted living home or living with you, the burden placed on you can often feel almost impossible to manage. For those of us in [...]

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Why You Need to Nurture Your Brain

Most of us know the benefits of exercise and eating properly. A sedentary lifestyle combined with eating fast and fried foods inevitably causes huge health issues. But, did you know that looking after your brain is equally important? Most of us don’t consider the possibility of dementia in our later years. Yet, dementia is on [...]

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5 Solid Steps for a Healthier Lifestyle

We all know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. For some of us, it is difficult to get started on a road to healthy living and for others, it is difficult to maintain that healthy momentum. Here are 5 Steps to help you on that path: Start Moving The first step is [...]

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Stop Counting Sheep and Start Sleeping Like a Kid Again

Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t want to go to sleep? Most of us fought it, begging to stay up that extra half hour. Once in bed though, sleep came easily and a good night’s sleep was a given. Sleep. We all need it and we all love it. But, as the [...]

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Five Small Fitness Hacks for the Busy Mom

Nobody told me I would be so busy. Ok, that isn’t true. Everybody told me. How many times did I hear my mom say “You just wait till you have kids”. It always seemed those words came out of her mouth for no apparent reason. Looking back, I was probably demanding to know why she [...]

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