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Affiliate Sales Program Application

We are very excited to launch our AFFILIATE SALES PROGRAM, which will allow YOU to earn money by generating interest and orders of Pink Ice Energy.

Some KEY Facts:

  • There is no cost to join our AFFILIATE SALES PROGRAM – our program is 100% NO FEE
  • There is no investment in product – all orders are processed through our website
  • You earn a 20% commission on the net sales amount (before taxes and shipping) for every order YOU generate of Pink Ice Energy packets
  • Commissions are paid through PAYPAL every month


The Registration Process:

  • Complete the AFFILIATE SALES PROGRAM Application by filling in the information to the right. We process applications daily.
  • Once approved, we will send you an email with the Affiliate Sales Program Agreement, the detailed Compensation Plan, and specific sign up instructions


Affiliate Discount Code (ADC):

  • Each registered and approved AFFILIATE will be issued a unique Affiliate Discount Code (ADC)
  • Each ADC will be valid for a specified time period
  • This code will provide a 25% discount to anyone who uses your ADC on Pink Ice Energy packets when ordered through our website.  Please note that the ADC does not apply to Pink Ice Energy GEAR.
  • Share your unique ADC with your friends, family, co-workers…
    1. They will benefit from a greater discount than that offered to the general public
    2. Only one coupon/discount code can be applied to an order
  • YOU earn a 20% commission on all orders processed through our website that use your unique ADC. Remind your friends and family to use YOUR ADC so you get the benefit from their orders and earn commission, and they get a 25% discount. Only orders processed with your unique ADC earn you commission


Earning Commission & Bonuses:

  • Commission is calculated on the net selling price (after discount and before taxes and shipping)
  • In addition to commission, we offer a Bonus Program where you can earn Bonus dollars on your generated orders.  A detailed Compensation Plan will be sent to you upon completion of, and acceptance into the Affiliate Sales Program
  • Commission and bonuses are paid monthly through PAYPAL
  • There is no limit to the amount YOU can earn


Questions or Comment:

We always welcome your questions or comments.  Simply email us at

Pink Ice Energy Affiliate Agreement – Please read carefully, and check the box above if you are in agreement. Click here if you’d like to view a PDF version of the agreement.