8 Ways to Help With End Of Semester Stress

End of semester stress can be so overwhelming. For some, it is the most stressful time they have ever had, and for first year students especially, the demands of that last weeks of the semester can come as quite a shock .

Luckily, with the help of a little self-care, you can keep yourself together during this stressful time and have the successful semester you have worked hard for.



Although your schedule (both social and academic) makes this very difficult, it is the priority. Try to get at least 8 hours every night and try to avoid, at all costs, the famous all-nighter study cram. Trying to get back on schedule after a few of these nights is virtually impossible.


Make a Schedule

Time to plan out your time. Whether you work best with a calendar on your phone or a white board in your room, keep track of everything that is due and plan out your time accordingly. Even if you don’t entirely keep to it, having your calendar sorted out will help show you where you time is going and keep you from wasting those precious hours


Organize your Space

Whether you live in residence or share an apartment with other students, an organized space is key to having a clear mind. Just 5 minutes a day spent tidying your room will make a difference. There is nothing better than coming home from a difficult day of studying, to a fresh made bed and a clean bathroom. If your roommates are slobs, at least keep your personal space as tidy as possible. It is your escape.


Stay Active

If you are a full athlete this will probably not be a problem. But, if you have been relatively sedentary these last few months, it is essential you get moving. If you are sitting in the library all day it is especially important to get out in the fresh air. Make an effort to take a walk  to another part of the campus everyday to get some fresh air and clear those lungs.


Eat Well

Whether you are in residence and on a meal plan or living on your own and buying your own groceries, eating well can be difficult. It is so easy to grab those fast, empty carbs to fill you up fast. Although, you get quick energy, it is short lived and the crash comes fast. We have some great ideas for healthy snacks.


Visit with Your Professors

All professors have posted office hours. Take advantage of this. If you have any questions or are unclear about anything, go ask. They are there to teach you. Often, you will get lots of tid bits of information about what may be on that final and guide you in the right direction.


Study with Others

Find “your people”. Put together a small study group of dedicated students who will help you stay on track. Bouncing ideas off others is a great way to retain that information. Sharing study notes is also an excellent way to share information.



Chill on the Partying

This can often be the hardest one of all. There are so many things happening on campus during this time and so many ways to kill time in the such fun ways. Unfortunately, that partying can be the nail in the coffin for your semester. Lay low and put the academics first. There will be plenty to time to party over the holidays.




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