5 Top Tips to Get You Through Finals

The Dreaded Exam Week is Here. Make the Most of it With These Great Tips.

Finals are finally here and although it is super exciting to think you have made it through another year of school or maybe just that you made it this far, you still have the dreaded exam week to prepare for.

There is no question that exam week is hell and the stress is beyond overwhelming and, whether this is your first year of college or your last, it never seems to get less stressful.

We have compiled our top 5 tips to help get you through this week.

  1. Make a Study Schedule

As soon as you get your exam schedule start planning your study time. Of course, it is assumed that you studied for at least a week before your schedule was published, but, in case you haven’t had the chance yet, it is even more important to make a good schedule. Break up your studying in to blocks that are manageable and combine 2 courses within each block.  A few hours of one course you find difficult combined with a few hours of another you find less difficult, will help with your retention.

  1. Fight Procrastination

This is probably the hardest for many of us. You start out with good intentions only to realize the clock has ticked right on by and that five hour block is now only an hour. The best way to combat this is to add your procrastination in to your schedule. If you know that you tend to procrastinate, add those hours in to your schedule. Knowing that your five hour block will only deliver two hours of study time will help you realize how many hours you really need to be prepared.

  1. Eat Junk Food

That’s right. Eat junk food. Having your favourite chips and cookies and frozen pizza in the house can be a really good thing. But, and it is a big but, do not consider exam time an excuse to load up on empty carbs, sugar and fat. It is really important to eat healthy food most of the time. It is equally important to have a few treats to keep you happy and motivated. Moderation is the key.

  1. Study with Others

Many of us find it really difficult to stay focused when alone. Finding a good study buddy can really help with your focus. Find others that are in study mode where you can study at the same time. Of course, it is important to choose your study partners wisely. The top student in your class is probably be way less likely to talk you in to going for a coffee every 15 minutes than the one who missed most classes this semester.

  1. Sleep

This is absolutely, beyond doubt, the most important tip for studying. You need to get enough sleep during exam week. Make sure that you include your sleep time in your schedule and keep to it. Some believe that by laying on your books and closing your eyes you will learn through osmosis, but we are pretty sure that doesn’t work. Best to study and sleep separately.

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