5 Reasons To Go To University

For many young people, the prospect of going to university seems improbable, if not impossible. Many people feel that they do not have the marks, while others feel that they don’t have the academic abilities and others feel that it is not economically feasible. Yet, in Canada, a university degree is a very attainable option for anyone who wants to pursue a post secondary education.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go to University

  1. You Don’t Have to Know Your Major

If you have no clue about your future, university is a great entry point in to your prospective career choice. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pick a major right away. You can enter a general studies program and take many different courses. You can also go part-time or take semesters off.

  1. You Get to Learn Stuff You Like

Unlike your earlier years of education where you didn’t really get an option to take the courses you love, in university, you get to take anything you want. And if you don’t like your major, it is pretty easy to switch to something else.

  1. You Get the Best Social Life Ever

There is nothing like the social life you will get in University. Regardless of the school you choose, the students will come from all over. You will make friends and yes, there will be many who will be friends for life.

  1. You Learn the Work/Life Balance Really Quickly.

University doesn’t just give you a social life, it helps you balance your social with your responsibilities. You will have great events happening and you will have major deadlines. It is being able to manage the two that gives you the life experience that takes you through your working years with much more ease. You will learn how to make it to the best keg party of the year and still get up and function for your most important class before exams. You will learn to juggle and that is priceless.

  1. It Is Never Too Late

It does not matter whether you are 18 or 78. It is never too late to get your degree. Your campus and your college will be filled with people of all ages pursuing their higher education. The only thing you need is the will and discipline to want a degree.

  1. You Get a Degree.

It is a special feeling when you accomplish that undergrad and are awarded with a degree. It is true that a university degree is not a guarantee you will land a great job in your field. But, there is something about having a degree that will make you feel the most incredible sense of accomplishment. That in itself makes you more employable.

Getting a university degree is not all about the payoff of the career you will land in the future. It is more a process. A process that can help mold you in to a very well rounded person. It is a process that can expose you to so many aspects of life you never knew existed and it is a process that teaches you to manage many things at once. Don’t think you don’t have the marks, or the finances, or the time. The opportunity is there. If you want a degree. You can get one.

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