5 Post Workout Mistakes You May Be Making

Most of the benefits of a great workout happen after you have hit the gym. Not paying attention to your post workout routine can sabotage all your hard work. Pay as much attention to your post workout regime as to your workout itself.

5 Things Not to Do After a workout

Drink Water After Workout

Not Drinking Enough Water

It is important to re-hydrate not only during your workout but after also. You have been sweating hard for an hour. You need to replenish. Drink water over the course of the day and keep drinking your water after your workout. Why not keep your skin looking healthy too.

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Not Stretching and Cooling Down

Taking the time to slow your heart rate and stretch your muscles is essential to proper muscle recovery. Even if you are exhausted, stretching your muscles will help them recover faster keeping injury down. Cool down is equally important. You heart needs time to slow down. Stopping a workout without cooling down can lead to more exhaustion after your workout


Not Eating After Your Workout

It seems counterproductive to eat immediately after your workout, but, that is the best time to eat. Food should be high protein foods that boost your metabolism are the best for a post workout meal. Try to eat within the hour after your workout.

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Eating the Wrong Food After Your Workout

Some workouts can leave you famished and you feel like rewarding yourself with something quick and filling and deliciously bad for you. After all, your metabolism is running at it’s peak. You are still burning calories and you deserve it. Right? Sorry but wrong. A pizza slice full of carbs and fat will only slow you down and make you feel tired. There are many food sources that have the good fats and are excellent to include in your post workout meal.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep

Whether you choose later workouts that make you feel quite energetic and keep you up later than you should or you choose early morning workouts before you get to the office, one of the most important part of your regime should be making certain you get enough sleep. Your muscles do the most repair when sleeping and it is essential that you get at least 7-8 hours a night.

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And one more mistake you may be making?

Not giving yourself enough credit…

Remind yourself that you are doing well. You are taking the steps to have a healthy lifestyle. You are in control of your health. You are in a good place!

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