5 Great Flying Hacks to Combat Jet Lag

Jet Lag is part of life for any traveller.

The more time zones you travel through in one shot, the more the symptoms become apparent. Jet lag can range from mild sleepiness to more physical symptoms including exhaustion, nausea, upset stomach and dizziness. And, although you cannot entirely avoid the symptoms of jet lag, there are some things you can do to keep it from affecting your precious first days of vacation.

  1. Book an Evening Flight

If you are travelling to a time zone that is no more than 12 hours ahead of you, it is best to take an evening flight. Sleeping on the plane in the evening is always easier when you have already been up a whole day at home. You have a much better chance of sleeping through a majority of the flight

If an evening flight is impossible, or is longer than 12 hours, don’t stay up all night so that you will sleep on the plane. If, for whatever reason, you do not get enough sleep on the plane, you will be even more exhausted at your destination.

  1. Include Some Essentials for Your Flight

There are certain essentials that you can take with you on your flight that will make it more comfortable and allow you to sleep and relax.

  • Always wear comfortable clothing. This doesn’t mean you should dress in your pyjamas. Think relaxing not slobby.
  • If you are wearing sandals on the flight, always remember to pack a pair of socks. There is nothing worse than having cold feet on the airplane. It is also nice for other passengers to not have to look at your feet. Even if you are sporting the cutest pedicure, it is just nicer for others when you are socked.
  • A travel pillow and eye shades can do wonders for relaxing and you can pick them up in most airports
  • Many airlines don’t offer blankets. A sweater or a light blanket is a must. Airplanes get cold.
  1. Don’t Drink Alcohol

This is a hard one as you are probably super excited to start your vacay and can’t wait to celebrate with a few drinks or glasses of wine on the flight. Try to keep your drinking to a minimum as alcohol is dehydrating and having a hangover when you reach your destination will make your jet lag worse.

  1. Water Water Water

Drinking water will keep you hydrated and that is the number one thing you want to do during your flight. The more hydrated you are when you land, the less you will feel the effects of jet lag.

  1. Eat Lightly and Don’t Drink Coffee.

During your flight, the lighter you eat the better your belly will feel when you land. Consider ordering the vegetarian meal as it is often lighter than the regular meal and don’t hesitate to special request the vegan meal for an even lighter option.

If you consume too much caffeine you will have negative side effects including the dreaded jitters and  the coffee on airplanes is generally quite strong. However, a small amount of caffeine can help when you land and must hit baggage claim and customs. Consider carrying a few packs of Pink Ice Energy™ with you. Each package contains only 100 mg of caffeine giving you the boost of energy you need without the jittery effect of coffee.

As we said, you can’t avoid jet lag entirely. But, with a few simple hacks to keep in mind, you can definitely keep it from ruining your first days.

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