10 Tips To Survive Summer Music Festivals

Summer is here and that means summer music festivals are here!

There is nothing more exciting than finding out that the lineup of your favourite festival includes all your favourite bands.  And whether you are planning on attending a smaller local festival this summer or hitting one of the bigger, multi-stage weekend events, these 10 tips will help you get the best out of your experience.

  1. Pack Some Essential Toiletries.

Generally, with a lot of dancing and no showers, personal hygiene is not always easy to maintain. Make certain that your backpack includes a few toiletries to keep you feeling fresh. Hand sanitizer is an absolute must. Toilet paper can be a great asset when hitting those porta-potties and a small package a baby wipes helps keep you fresh. Don’t forget a small deodorant stick.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Bring two portable water bottles as you will inevitably lose one. Keep drinking water at all times. Dehydration can be very dangerous and can happen quickly. Even if the weather is not that warm or it is raining, you must remember to keep drinking that water.

  1. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking too much alcohol can have some devastating effects on your body when you are running on little sleep and dancing in the heat. Be prudent. Also, be very careful with drugs. Although drugs are banned from all festival sites, there will be drugs and you may be offered. Know your limitations and be more than prudent.

  1. Bring Appropriate Clothes

Being wet and cold can make you miserable, even when your favourite band is onstage. A warm jacket, a small portable umbrella and a few small towels can be ideal when the weather is inclement or cold. Don’t over pack though.  Take just enough that it doesn’t feel like a burden. Of course, take nothing that you would be sad to lose.

  1. Carry Food

Festival food can be extremely expensive and lineups can be super long. Make sure you bring some healthy snacking food like granola bars and apples to keep you going. If the festival allows it, you may want to consider a small cooler or if you can have access to your car, keep a cooler there with easy food you can prepare. If you are not carrying a cooler, don’t bring food that can easily spoil. You don’t want to get food poisoning while at a festival.

  1. Plan Your Schedule

If you are attending a festival with several stages, make sure you prioritize your bands. You will be super disappointed if you miss one on your “must see” list while watching another crappy one at another stage. If this is your first big festival, be aware that you will not be able to see every band. You will need to take time to rest during the day. The heat will keep you from running between stages. Plan well

  1. Learn About the Festival

All festivals have websites where you can check the rules and regulations. For example, some festivals will not allow cameras so your expensive DSLR will have to sit in the hot car. The festival website will give all the information you need to know about parking, onsite camping or hotels in the area. Don’t just show up and hope to sleep in your car. You won’t have a very good time.

  1. Rest

Try to get rest when you can. Although it is exciting to try to see as many acts as you can, the days and evenings can be long. Your body needs a break. Overdoing it can also cause dehydration.

  1. Have a Buddy System

Although festivals are generally a time of great camaraderie and fun, it is important to stay close with your friend or friends. Consider your safety at all times.

  1. Respect Your Space

Regardless of where the festival is held, be considerate of the area. Clean up after yourself at all times. Be respectful of others at the festival and of the locals near your venue.

  1. Have a Great Time

Have the best time. Music festivals are what memories are made of. There is nothing more wonderful than a summer festival with a killer lineup!



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