10 Great Songs Of The 70’s To Make Your Parents Party

Add These 70’s Songs To Your Playlist.

Summer is all about hanging at the cottage or at the backyard pool, listening to tunes with friends and family and just enjoying life. The playlist on your phone or Mp3 player will, of course, be loaded with your favourite music and, for the most part, will probably be really great. Well at least for you that is. But what about the other generation or generations that are hanging out with you? We’ve compiled a list of 10 songs to add to your playlist that are bound to make your parents (or possibly your grandparents) happy to turn up the volume.

Ballroom Blitz – Sweet

This glamrock band released this great song in 1973. It was always a favourite in the alternative bars throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Everyone did the ballroom blitz.

One Nation Under a Groove – Parliament

George Clinton’s Funkadelic brought groove to the 70’s. This song, released in 78 was the social change song done to funk. Or, as NME put it, “a hell of a lot more fun than a worthy protest folk song”.

One Step Beyond – Madness

British ska at its finest. Always guaranteed to bring a smile to mom.

Le Freak – Chic

Every parent who was privy to the disco pulse (or listened to AM radio) remembers how to Freak Out.

Heart of Gold – Neil Young

The iconic Neil Young singing his arguably most famous song. With Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor singing background, this mellowness will pass muster with the younger crowd.

Who Are You – The Who

One of the best large venue bands of the 70’s. We are pretty sure this song will bring about a memory or two and one parent will perk up with a “I remember seeing them at the CNE”

Get It On – T Rex

British glam rock that even the cool rockers liked. Everyone can “Get It On. Bang a Gong”

D’yer Mak’er– Led Zeppelin

You have to have a Led Zeppelin song so may as well make it the fun one that sounded a bit reggae.

London Calling – The Clash

The punk rock band that crossed musical boundaries and made punk OK for the rockers. Even if dad loved and worshiped the Stones, he’ll be air basing to the London Calling intro while grilling the steaks.

Paradise By the Dashboard Lights – Meatloaf

This cheese fest will bring joyful tears to everyone’s eyes when mom gets up and sings along to this painfully long song. Many will be impressed.

What songs would you add to your playlist to make the parents feel all happy?

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