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What is Pink Ice Energy?

It’s a new Energy Supplement that provides Fast Energy + Fresh Breath + only 5 calories + only 3 grams of carbs.

Pink Ice Energy™ is a completely new way to get your daily boost of vitamins, minerals and energy. Each packet contains fast acting crystals that pop and dissolve releasing essential energy boosting supplements with only 5 calories.  Fast and convenient- it’s vitamins, energy and fresh breath in one.


Tried Pink Ice Energy and WOW I love it Tastes yummy and got me thru my day with energy to spare!!!!
Got my sample in the mail recently. I am always skeptical about products like this. I was pleasantly surprised. It comes in a convenient package, perfect for tossing into a purse. It tastes really good and the best part is how it freshens breath too. My only disappointment is that there was only one sample… Try it… You won’t be disappointed
I’m a busy mom that walks my son to and from school everyday, on top of everything else!, Somedays by the time I get to pick him up I’m so exhausted!!. Tried pink energy Friday, LOVED it so so much! Goodbye Rockstar energy drinks!! Where can I buy it??!?
Received my sample of Pink Ice Energy today. Tried it and loved it. Flashback: reminded me of Pop Rocks.

Pink Ice Energy™ – Low in Calories and Sugarfree

Each 3g serving contains fast-acting crystals that pop and dissolve, releasing essential energy boosting supplements with only 5 calories!

Pink Ice Energy™ – Low in Carbs

Pink Ice Energy only contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates.  Other energy products range from 27 grams to 57 grams.  Get your energy – not your carbs!

Pink Ice Energy™ – Low in Caffeine

Health Canada suggests that daily caffeine intake be not surpassed by more than 400mg per day. Many popular energy products and  energy drinks are over caffeinated. Pink Ice Energy only contains 100mg of caffeine per serving and we recommend not to exceed 1 serving per day.

Pink Ice Energy for Fresh Breath
Pink Ice Energy Low Cal Low Carb
Pink Ice Energy Vitamin Boost

Pink Ice Energy™ in the news

Pink Ice Energy™  seen on Food Factory USA on A&E Cable

  • Pink Ice Energy receiving  world wide recognition:
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Belgium
    • Benelux
    • Central Eastern Europe
    • France
    • Greece
    • Iberia
    • India
    • Italy
    • Middle East
    • Netherlands
    • Switzerland
  • Has been awarded Top 5 Finalist / 2015 CPG Editors Choice in Supplements: Women’s Health Category
  • CPG Editorial team selected Pink Ice Energy™ as a cutting-edge, innovative CPG product
  • SupplySide West is the world’s largest EXPO of suppliers & manufactures of CPG Consumer Packaged Goods